The Social Lookbook EP51 - @itsss_su03

Our feature this week is @itsss_su03. His picture has a perfect composition and uses leading lines to guide our eyes towards himself. Excellent picture!
  • How did you learn about Dr Mister?
I start interested in streetwear, after that I saw Dr Mister in website and local store.
  • Which is your favourite Dr Mister collection?
'Children See Magic'
  • What do you like about Dr Mister?
I like Dr Mister cotton because it is soft and high quality. The design of the shirt is good and make me feel interested in.
How to get featured on The Social Lookbook by Dr Mister?
Get a chance to be featured in our journal and social media by following the few steps below:
  1. Take a picture of you rocking any of our products (T-shirt, bags, caps etc.)
  2. Tag us @dr_mister_official on Instagram
  3. Hashtag #drmisterfeat to be noticed by us.


If your picture is up to standard, we will contact you for your picture and feature you right here in our journal! 
Get a FREE gift from us once you get featured three times on The Social Lookbook! 🤩

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