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About Dr Mister

A far out streetwear experiment, made by thinkers, for thinkers.


To become a worldwide streetwear brand that uses unconventional values and stories to inspire positive change in the world.

" If you were born with the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions, never waste that gift. It is one of the most powerful gifts you can have — the ability to influence."


Someone who considers important subjects or produces new ideas.

If you possess a great mind, it's you ! 
We value thinkers like you.

We want to be a poet in streetwear scene, to create walking canvases with stories, details & aesthetics specially for thinkers around the world.

Our Mission


Not only we want to elevate the confidence of our audiences by enhancing their outer aesthetics but also their inner self or wisdom. 

We vowed to only deliver premium quality goods crafted with utmost passion, comes together with the best shopping experience. 

Why is Dr Mister Different?

Premium Quality Goods Crafted With Utmost Passion

Designed with attention to detail, tailored & printed by hand.

Made by creative thinkers with the utmost passion for their respective crafts.


From brainstorming thoughts and values into the design all the way to the clean sew line, neat garment cutting, multi-colours detailed silkscreen printing, packaging neatly, and delivering to your doorsteps.

Every detail has passion instilled. 

Quality is a necessity. Premium doesn't need to be expensive.

We treat all our products as art canvases, and this is why we are different.

Do you want to be different? 

Dr Mister

Our Core Values

Be Creative

Our brand places a high value on creativity and actively encourages the team to think innovatively and generate unique ideas.

Keep An Open Mind

Our brand values open-mindedness and are open to new ideas and perspectives.

Embrace Efficiency

Our brands prioritizes efficiency and is dedicated to optimizing processes to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

Seamless Teamwork

Our brand emphasises teamwork and collaboration, viewing them as essential elements for achieving our goals and bringing our vision to fruition.

Have Fun At Work

Our brand believes that a fun and positive work environment leads to better productivity and creativity.

Be Refined Human

Our brand adheres to the principles of being a refined human, placing value on kindness, empathy, and ethical behavior.

Innovate Or Die

Our brand places a strong emphasis on innovation, recognizing that in a competitive market, staying ahead of the curve and fostering innovation are essential.

Continuous Learning

Our brand places a high value on continuous learning and believes in staying updated with the latest trends and techniques to foster ongoing growth and improvement.