Weekly Tunes EP11 - Telescope - Cage the Elephant

This week, we will be introducing another song by Cage the Elephant called "Telescope". While the last song was from the rock genre, this song exudes more of an indie vibe. 
In a far and distant galaxy
Inside my telescope I see
A pair of eyes peer back at me
He walks and talks and looks like me
Sits around inside his house
From room to room he moves about
Fills his life with pointless things
And wonders how it all turns out
Do do do do do
Do do do do do
Safe to say that
I don't think you understand!
There's nowhere left to turn
Walls keep breaking
Time is like a leaf in the wind
Either it's time well spent
Or time I've wasted
Don't waste it
Afraid of what the truth might bring
He locks his doors and never leaves
Desperately searching for signs
Too terrified to find a thing
He battens all the hatches down
And wonders why he hears no sound
Frantically searching his dreams
He wonders what it's all about
Do do do do do
Do do do do do

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