Due to the overwhelming response from our last "Essential" accessories launch, we are excited to unveil brand new accessories for the all-time "Essential" collection!  Introducing "Essential" Interlink Chain Bracelet, "Essential" Inverse Chain Bracelet, and “Essential" Miniature pendant necklace.
The "Essential" Interlink Chain Bracelet looks complex at first sight, with each link of the chain interlocking with each other, but if you look closely, its pattern is quite simple. 
The "Essential" Inverse Chain Bracelet has intricate but chaotic links, interlaced with elegant and simple links. It comes with complexity but with a touch of elegance, resembling peace in chaos. The kind of bracelet for complex thinkers.
“Essential" Miniature pendant necklace was created specially for minimalist lovers. The brand new necklace is tiny, elegant and sleek to compliment daily essential, while not being too loud, It can be a minimal standalone pieces or it can be also  coupled with our "Essential" double pendant necklace or other longer necklaces for a more sophisticated look. 
"Thinker dies but thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction". The phrase is engraved on the back of the pendant on all the brand new accessories. Emphasising the concept of thoughts lasting forever.

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