December Drop 1 – ‘Essential’ Classic Double Stripe T-shirt is now available online

‘Essential’ Classic Double Stripe T-shirt is now available online.

The December Drop consists of single item, ‘Essential’ Classic Double Stripe T-shirt, which is a result of an experiment when the modern meets classic.

The Front printing strongly resembles the classic sportswear design elements with outline font and thin graphic line, and the classic looking stripe injects more nostalgic feeling into the piece. What makes it special is the modern touch on a classic design, with unconventional extended stripes paired with the gun metal D hook accessories. ‘Essential’ Classic Double Stripe T-shirt is the best piece to represent a reworked classic, in the best form ever in our opinion, to fuse both the classic and the modern together, and at the same time, to retain both of their aesthetics. Check them out now at


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