F21- "The Famed Unknown" Thinker T-shirt

It's been awhile since we launched brand new design for "The Famed Unknown" Collection, and the wait will be worth it! Introducing "The Famed Unknown" Thinker T-shirt with a fresh lime green colour, together with the ever popular black and white.

Inspired by Japanese Manga, the design uses a unique blue colour palette. "The Famed Unknown" Thinker T-shirt features the iconic eyes of "The Famed Unknown" character, overlapped with a skull on top of a book. The Oversized word "Thinker" is printed on top of the graphics, and the definition is printed at the bottom, making it a perfect T-shirt for our community.

Being one of our favourite designs till date, the manga inspired colour is well blended with all the fabric colour. Definitely one of best graphics we have designed. Check them out online now before they are gone.

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