"I am a Museum Full of Art" -- Wave 1

When it comes to self-worth, only one opinion matters, our own. Even then, each opinion should be considered carefully as we tend to be our own toughest critics. The “Full of Art” Collection is a collection that is made to remind everyone that you know yourself best, and should not spend time being bothered by people who do not know your worth.

“Full of Art” Metro T-shirt is made using 100% interlock cotton, and released in three different colours, black, beige pink, and amber yellow.

The front of the shirt displays our branding prominently on the chest, and the words “Every individual has their worth, do not spend time pleasing philistines.” On bottom left. The graphic on the back depicts a wall with beautiful art hanging from it. There is a person who represents people who do not know your worth passing by without even lifting his head to admire the art. The words “I am a museum full of art, you know will if you know.” Are printed below the graphic.


"Full of Art" Oversized T-shirt is made using the same material, available in black. 

The front of the shirt displays an art piece along with our branding. The print on the back is a description of the art piece. "Silkscreen on cotton" is the way the art piece is created, and the words below is a short description of the idea behind this collection.


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