Halloween 2021 Special Trick or Treat Campaign

🎃 Are you in for a game? Treat or Trick? 

In conjunction with the upcoming Halloween, we came out with a fun Trick or Treat game just for you. Purchase any item from "Nonsocial Being" Collection from 20th to 31st Oct 2021. You can stand a chance to get FREE ACCESSORIES WORTH UP TO RM119/ S$39 together with your order!

You will receive the Trick or Treat special card with:


🎁[Treat - 1 x FREE GIFT Accessories, ranging from Necklaces, Bracelets, Sanitiser, Keyholder.]


🍭[Trick - FREE Sweets/Candies ]

Trick or Treat will be randomised. And I am sure this will be the only time in your life a Halloween Trick will be sweets.

Good luck and have fun and Happy Halloween!

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