"I am a Museum Full of Art" -- Wave 2

"I am a Museum Full of Art" Collection, a collection that is made to remind everyone that you know yourself best, and should not spend time being bothered by people who do not know your worth.

Brand new items has been added into the second wave of the collection, "Full of Art" Astrogel T-shirt, "Full of Art" Shoulder Bag 13" x  14" and "Full of Art" Pendant Necklace

“Full of art" Astrongel T-shirt is now available online in three colours, black, beige pink & olive green. The T-shirt is designed with graphic featuring an angelic figure wearing a astronaut headgear (Astronaut + Angel = Astrongel), to highlight the contrast of a modern objects on unlikely ancient figure, which symbolise ourselves, who sometimes have great avant-garde ideas that are so ahead of time. Emphasising on the idea of trusting our worth. 


“Full of art" Shoulder Bag 13" x  14" is also launched in the second wave of the collection. The shoulder bag (13" x 14") is crafted with nylon canvas material, complimented with zipper closure and additional strap for cross carrying. It's printed with collection graphic in blue together with minimal branding on both the shoulder and additional strap.


“Full of art" Pendant necklace is also launched in the second wave of the collection.

"Full of Art" pendant necklace is made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel. Coming with debossed Astrongel graphic at the front and subtle engraved logo on the back complemented with the words "Trust your worth", served as an reminder for ourselves while wearing them. 

"Full of Art" pendant necklace comes in two choices of debossed finishing, black and silver. The size of the pendant is 2.5cm x2.5cm and the chain Length is 55cm.  To know more about the product you can check out here.


Trust your worth. 

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