S21 - "Essential" Quad & Rope Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets! The popular Items is now added in with more varieties. Introducing "Essential" Quad Chain Bracelet 5mm- and "Essential" Rope Chain Bracelet 7mm.

The "Essential" Quad Chain Bracelet 5mm is a reinterpretation of the previous Quad Chain Bracelet. It's made with 5mm chains, and it gives a more exquisite look on hand compared to the previous version. As for the "Essential" Rope Chain Bracelet 7mm, It's made with 7mm rope chains, which is brand new chain type for our accessories range. What makes the release more exciting is that both of the accessories are complemented with the brand new round pendant. 

Both made from the highest quality 316L Titanium steel, not only stainless but also water and sweat proof. It's ultra light weight and perfectly crafted to be your daily essentials.

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