S21- "The Famed Unknown" Fortune Cat T-shirt

"A Great Mind Becomes a Great Fortune"

"The Famed Unknown" is back with a bang! Introducing "The Famed Unknown"Fortune Cat T-shirt, Inspired from The Maneki-neko, also known as Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat, comes together with our signature "The Famed Unknown" character. The Maneki-neko is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. Fortune may be subjective and each individuals define it differently, As from our perspective, a great mind is the key to bring great fortunes. Focused on strengthening our mind and fortunes will definitely come to us.

“The Famed Unknown” collection is a collection that defines every individual unknown who are making a difference in their lives. Be the one that changes the world into a better place. Be The Famed Unknown.

"The Famed Unknown"Fortune Cat T-shirt comes in two colors Black & Salmon and it's constructed with our Signature pre-shrunk interlock cotton, comfortable yet breathable. Get them now before it's too late! 

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