22 - “The Famed Unknown” Tongue Out Oversized Tee

"See how I change the world from being unknown."

“The Famed Unknown” Tongue Out Oversized Tee is a striking piece in term of aesthetic as well as the rationale of design. The main design element features an oversized tongue out gesture with protruding teeth of The Famed Unknown character, symbolising defiance, more specifically cheeky rebellious. It comes with an annoyed sign mainly used in Manga or Cartoon. The design is heavily inspired by the Rolling Stones' lip and tongue logo created by John Pasche. 

“The Famed Unknown” Tongue Out Oversized Tee is printed with a striking oversized tongue at the back, and a description tab on the front similar to the one you see in the museum, explaining the design.

"The Famed Unknown" collection defines every individual unknown who are making a difference in their lives. Be the one that changes the world into a better place. Be The Famed Unknown.

It's now available in Lime Green online! Unleash the cheeky rebel within! 

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