Weekly Tunes EP20 - Dancing - Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow is a musician from the Philippines who is a self proclaimed "internet artist" who has gathered fame locally in the Philippines and internationally. He makes music for the fun of it, but listening to his songs, you will be surprised by the feel of his songs.
Years ago
When I had a chance
I could've held your hand
But I was young and then I blew every circumstance
Yet I still think
I dream of dancing, dancing with you, with you
And maybe even share a drink or two
While I tell you the truth
That I don't even care what this is for
As long as I get to share the floor
With you, with you... With you
In my thoughts and dreams I do a little swayin' away
Swayin' away with you
Even if I know it'll never realize
Maybe one day I'll wake up
Maybe some day it'll be true
Maybe that day I'll be
I'll be
dancing dancing with you, with you
And maybe even love you a little more
While we tango across the floor
And I don't even know when I'll see you again
I'll keep living this dream 'till the end
With you, with you... With you

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