"Wrap Up Joy" Christmas Campaign Starts Now

The holiday season is here again, as well as the chance to remind our loved ones that we’re grateful to journey with them. We are excited to bring you the "Wrap Up Joy" Christmas Campaign starting from Black Friday.

The Campaign Includes:

🎁 Exclusive Gift Card Set (Card & 3d Gel Stickers)
🎁 Request Options for Gift Wrap, Branding Box, Hand-Written Gift Message 
🎁 Signature "Tyche" Mystery Box


Exclusive Gift Card Set (Card & 3d Gel Stickers)

All orders during the campaign will receive an Exclusive Christmas Card, which features a Santa "The Famed Unknown", every gift card is complemented with a 3d Gel Sticker, It's definitely one of the must-have collectibles for the campaign.

Request Options for Gift Wrap, Branding Box, Hand-Written Gift Message 

The Campaign allows you to request the order to be wrapped as a gift and with messages written on the campaign gift card. We will be your Santa, pack your gifts & thoughts, and send them to your loved ones.

Signature "Tyche" Mystery Box

Your favourite mystery box is back with the campaign, the "Tyche" bundle box is back in conjunction with the campaign, adding some spice of surprises into your gifts.

There are two types of "Tyche" Box:

1."Tyche" 6 in 1 Holiday Bundle Box features 3 random items from our brand together with another 3 fixed items consisting of 1 x"The Famed Unknown" pocket sanitizer, 1x Christmas Gift Card, and Signature Branding Box.(Total worth up to RM486). A massive gift to show your love.

2. "Tyche" Accessories Holiday Mini Box features 1 random accessory (Total worth up to RM119) together with the Christmas Gift Card. It's a perfect delicate gift for you or your loved ones.

If you ever purchase our "Tyche" Bundle Box, you know we won't disappoint. "Tyche" is the Greek goddess of luck, chance, and fortune. Therefore, our Mystery box has always been called the "Tyche" Bundle box. To get the item you long for, let's bet with some luck and fortune. How's your luck? Let Tyche decide.

Let's feel the joy of giving or self-rewarding, and enjoy a season that's as beautiful as it is meaningful, and let's end the year together on a positive note.

Wrap Up Some Joy This Holiday Season here!


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