Composing your Picture - EP01

Now you've got the perfect style and the perfect pose for your picture, but after taking that picture, it still feels like it could be better. Here are a few tips and tricks to up your photography skills to the next level.

The Rule of Thirds
This rule is the reason for the gridlines you see on your phone camera screen. According to research, the human eye is naturally drawn to the intersections at each third of the picture. For example, look at the picture below and you will find that the main focus of the picture is in the intersection in the upper right corner. 
Another way to use the Rule of Thirds is by placing the subject of your picture in one third of the picture. This way, you can avoid clutter in your picture and also prevent viewers from dividing the image and staying trapped at one part of the image, not knowing where to look.
The Rule of Thirds is one of the basics of photography and should be given a try on your next photography session. 
Even though it is a good guide, it cannot be used for everything. Stay tuned to the next episode to improve your skills even more!

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