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Shop all of our collections. All clothing & streetwear accessories from Dr Mister. 

A far-out Streetwear Experiment, Made by Thinkers, For Thinkers.

The clothing brand aims to elevate confidence through outer appearances but also emphasizes on lifting the inner aesthetics such as wisdom.


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NEW!!!Signature Motif Broad Tee - BlackSignature Motif Broad Tee - Black
NEW!!!Signature Motif Broad Tee - Cool GreySignature Motif Broad Tee - Cool Grey
NEW!!!Signature Motif Broad Tee - Bone BeigeSignature Motif Broad Tee - Bone Beige
NEW!!!Scripted Initials Sling Bag - BlackScripted Initials Sling Bag - Black
NEW!!!Outline Logo Broad Tee - WhiteOutline Logo Broad Tee - White
NEW!!!Outline Logo Broad Tee - BeigeOutline Logo Broad Tee - Beige
NEW!!!Outline Logo Broad Tee - Wolf GreyOutline Logo Broad Tee - Wolf Grey
NEW!!!Outline Logo Broad Tee - Pine GreenOutline Logo Broad Tee - Pine Green
NEW!!!Ideal World Broad Tee - WhiteIdeal World Broad Tee - White
Ideal World Broad Tee - White Sale priceRM159.00 MYR
NEW!!!Ideal World Broad Tee - BeigeIdeal World Broad Tee - Beige
Ideal World Broad Tee - Beige Sale priceRM159.00 MYR
NEW!!!Patched Polo Tee - WhitePatched Polo Tee - White
Patched Polo Tee - White Sale priceRM159.00 MYR
NEW!!!Patched Polo Tee - BeigePatched Polo Tee - Beige
Patched Polo Tee - Beige Sale priceRM159.00 MYR
NEW!!!Patched Polo Tee - Navy BluePatched Polo Tee - Navy Blue
Patched Polo Tee - Navy Blue Sale priceRM159.00 MYR
NEW!!!Rubber Duck Broad Tee - Cream WhiteRubber Duck Broad Tee - Cream White
NEW!!!Sold outRubber Duck Broad Tee - BeigeRubber Duck Broad Tee - Beige
NEW!!!Balloon Duck Oversized Tee - WhiteBalloon Duck Oversized Tee - White
NEW!!!Balloon Duck Oversized Tee - BeigeBalloon Duck Oversized Tee - Beige
NEW!!!Balloon Duck Oversized Tee - Salmon PinkBalloon Duck Oversized Tee - Salmon Pink
NEW!!!Rays Oversized Jersey - PinkRays Oversized Jersey - Pink
NEW!!!Sold outRays Oversized Jersey - Deep TurquoiseRays Oversized Jersey - Deep Turquoise
NEW!!!Flaming Pearl Broad Tee - BlackFlaming Pearl Broad Tee - Black
NEW!!!Flaming Pearl Broad Tee - WhiteFlaming Pearl Broad Tee - White
NEW!!!Flaming Pearl Broad Tee - GreyFlaming Pearl Broad Tee - Grey
NEW!!!Flaming Pearl Broad Tee - Beige PinkFlaming Pearl Broad Tee - Beige Pink
NEW!!!The Sun Broad Tee - BlackThe Sun Broad Tee - Black
NEW!!!The Sun Broad Tee - WhiteThe Sun Broad Tee - White
NEW!!!The Sun Broad Tee - Cream BeigeThe Sun Broad Tee - Cream Beige
NEW!!!Dragon Signature Broad Tee - WhiteDragon Signature Broad Tee - White
NEW!!!Dragon Signature Broad Tee - Beige PinkDragon Signature Broad Tee - Beige Pink
NEW!!!Tyge Dragon Oversized Tee - WhiteTyge Dragon Oversized Tee - White
NEW!!!Tyge Dragon Oversized Tee - BeigeTyge Dragon Oversized Tee - Beige
NEW!!!Tyge Dragon Oversized Tee - Salmon Pink (Special Edition)Tyge Dragon Oversized Tee - Salmon Pink (Special Edition)
Fuzzy Logo Broad Tee - Beige PinkFuzzy Logo Broad Tee - Beige Pink
Dawn Oversized Tee - WhiteDawn Oversized Tee - White
Dawn Oversized Tee - White Sale priceRM149.00 MYR
Outset Monochrome Sweatshirt - BlackOutset Monochrome Sweatshirt - Black
Outset Monochrome Sweatshirt - GreyOutset Monochrome Sweatshirt - Grey
Primitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - BlackPrimitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - Black
Primitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - WhitePrimitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - White
Primitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - GreyPrimitive Half Zip Sweatshirt - Grey
College Oversized Tee - WhiteCollege Oversized Tee - White
NEW!!!Varsity Oversized Hoodie - BlackVarsity Oversized Hoodie - Black
Technical Long PantsTechnical Long Pants
Technical Long Pants Sale priceRM269.00 MYR
Spaced Out Broad Tee - Deep BlueSpaced Out Broad Tee - Deep Blue
NEW!!!Spaced Out Broad Tee - Moss GreenSpaced Out Broad Tee - Moss Green
NEW!!!Orbit Necklaces - SilverOrbit Necklaces - Silver
NEW!!!Perspective Oversized Tee - WhitePerspective Oversized Tee - White
NEW!!!Perspective Oversized Tee - BeigePerspective Oversized Tee - Beige
NEW!!!Breaking News Oversized Tee - BeigeBreaking News Oversized Tee - Beige