The Social Lookbook EP5 - weize0420

This week, Wei Ze caught our eyes on Instagram featuring our "Mischief" collection. The black background outlined by the black T-shirt would not normally be a good match but he really stood out by magnificent use of lighting.

  • How did you learn about Dr Mister?
I learn about Dr Mister from Facebook and Instagram, because I'm a person very love fashion brand's clothes, so I always follow up the information of this kind of fashion brands.

  • What is your favourite Dr Mister collection?
My favourite Dr Mister collections are the "Mischief", "The Famed Unknown", "The Son" and "Children See Magic" collections.

  • What do you like about Dr Mister?
I'm really like about the design of Dr Mister, it's simple and full of art, I think that the design of Dr Mister is the style I like.


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