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I am a Museum Full of Art

I am a Museum Full of Art

We are individuals that have our own place in this world. Why should we spend time pleasing people who do not care about our achievements and only exist to doubt us? The only person you must answer to is ourselves.

Life is too short to maintain toxic relationships. I am a museum full of art, and I think we should not waste our time trying to explain our worth to people who do not appreciate them. People who don’t appreciate art are known as philistines. They are not the kind of people that will help us on our personal growth. Instead, you should just spend time on improving ourselves for our own sake. We are worth more than we think, trust your worth.

Dr Mister is a far out streetwear experiment, every collection has value and thought imbued. Complete streetwear with stories, details and aesthetics, specially made for thinkers.

I am a Museum Full of Art

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