22 - "Bubble" Collection

A bubble is a floating ball of air, and it symbolises imagination.

Introducing "Bubble" Collection, the main design element for this collection features an illustrated bubble logotype, which is the second form of brand name design variation after signature basic logo. 🎅🏻

The "Bubble" Collection consists of 5 items:
⭐️ "Bubble" Rude Beer Logo Tee - Beige
⭐️ "Bubble" Soda Logo Tee - Light Blue
⭐️ "Bubble" Blown Logo Broad Tee - Black 
⭐️ "Bubble" Blown Logo Broad Tee - Cream Yellow 
⭐️ "Bubble" White Logo Chain Necklace - Silver 

"Bubble" Rude Beer Logo Tee and Soda Logo Tee is same design with two different colour variations. The combed cotton tee printed with illustrated bubble logo with a holding glove hand, comes with root beer & lagoon soda colour theme, and it's complimented with two bubble brand motifs "i" at the back. The regular tee comes with refreshing colours of Light blue and Beige.

Similar with the regular tee. The "Bubble" Blown Logo Broad Tee comes with also two colour variations, Black and Cream yellow. The Blown Logo Broad Tee features our popular oversized broad cut, and printed with an oversized bubble logo at the back, complemented with graphic of a stick blowing bubble. A much louder design compare to the regular tee, but remain minimal on the front with a tiny bubble logotype.


Last but not least, a fully designed pendant, an illustrated bubble logo with a color combinations of Black, white and silver. Paired with a 60cm Venetian chains, the pendant is sized perfectly at 5cm x 1.7cm with a thickness of 2.5mm. Made from the usual highest quality 316L stainless steel commonly used in the aerospace industry.

The "Bubble" Collection will come at batches and make sure to check them out online before they are gone!




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