22 - "Mischief" TicTacToe Tee

The "Mischief" monster is here in a brand new form! Capsule drop of the "Mischief" TicTacToe Tee.

The "Mischief" TicTacToe Tee comes with the main design element at the back featuring three Pacman-inspired monsters scribbled on a Tic Tac Toe game. The collection phrase is printed below the main graphics. As for the front, there are three tiny jumping monsters, the usual playful design for the "Mischief" Collection. Made with our usual signature pre-shrunk interlock cotton, and comes only in black.

"Mischief" collection was made for the rebels who are looking for ways to express themselves more creatively, or just simply looking for some fun.


Psssst. There is a surprise for the sold out "Mischief" Triple Fun Tee. Be sure to check them out online!

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