D2 "ESSENTIAL" - Thoughts Remain T-shirt & Piped Oversized Double Strap T-Shirt 2.0

Good news for minimal lovers, Two “Essential” designs will be launched specially for the second half of the year. Introducing Brand New “Essential” Thoughts Remain T-shirt in three colour ways, and Improved “Essential” Piped Oversized Double Strap T-shirt 2.0 in two different colours.

“Essential” Thoughts Remain T-shirt is printed with branding logo at the front blending with handwritten fonts. The phrase "Thinkers die but thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction" is printed at the back perfectly complimented with our signature round logo. The brand new design come in Black, White and Beige Colour.

“Essential: Piped Oversized Double Strap T-shirt 2.0 is back with improved oversized cutting, with slightly shorter straps. Just like the first version, the piece is made with minimal piping details at the front and clean branding on the back, with two straps layering the minimal piece. This time, it’s available in Beige Colour, which is a fresh colour for the design, and Black Just like the previous version. 

Both of the item are perfect pieces to represent the Essential Collection, strongly influenced from the quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Filled with details while being minimal, I am sure you will appreciate it.

All of the D2 “Essential” Items will be listed at “Time Machine For Thinkers” for you to enjoy exclusive price. Get in now before it runs out! 

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