The Social Lookbook EP46 - @yannisywy

This week, Yannis shows us that even during MCO period, we still can take a nice photo at home. 😉 Her picture shows the importance of good lighting and how it can bring the whole picture to life.
  • How did you learn about Dr Mister?
Because my friend's trend influenced me, I became interested in vogue. This is also one of my choices for trendy brands.
  • Which is your favourite Dr Mister collection?
  • What do you like about Dr Mister?
The touch and texture of the clothes are soft and comfortable. Accessories design unique and beautiful! It's all popular styles. 
How to get featured on The Social Lookbook by Dr Mister?
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If your picture is up to standard, we will contact you for your picture and feature you right here in our journal! 
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