22 - “Essential” Statement Broad Tee Is Here! New Cut Debut!

An exciting debut for our brand new oversized cut, the “Essential” Statement Broad Tee. Heavily inspired from the 90s, the new oversized cut offers a looser and wider fit, and it makes a perfect silhouette for Oversized Tee Lovers.

The “Essential” Statement Broad Tee has a minimal touch of a small logo printed at the front; on the contrary at the back, an oversized logo is complemented with brand's statement and tagline. Made from TC interlock cotton for the best look for oversized silhouette.

Our "Essential" collection is strongly influenced from the quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The collection features item filled with details while being minimal.

It's now available in black online, check them out now!

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