22 - "Midnight" Collection

We are excited to launch the "Midnight" Collection, our first ever collection to fully feature accessories like necklaces and bracelets.

"Midnight" Collection consists of two necklaces and three chain bracelets includes a special edition. It's called Midnight collection mainly due to the colours of the chains. All these accessories feature black and midnight blue unique plated chains, and It resembles the colour pallet of Midnight.

"Midnight" Miniature Tint Pendant Necklace has a really minimal design similar to our popular "Essential miniature pendant necklace.However, The design features a short range of uniquely finished 7mm cuban chains along with the 3mm chains. The exquisite necklace is complemented with the special edition blackout round branding pendant. The necklace comes in two options, Black and Midnight Blue.

"Midnight" Mono Tint Chain Bracelet is a chain bracelet with a design similar to the Necklaces, it features a short range of the same unique finished cuban chains and it's paired with a much thicker 8mm Rolo chain. It comes with the special edition blackout round branding pendant and it's also available in two options, Black and Midnight Blue.
Last but not least, the "Midnight" Duo-Tint Chain Bracelet Special Edition. The special edition chain bracelet is the only bracelet that features both the black and the midnight blue unique plated chains. In between both chains, it has a really short range of 8mm Rolo chains to separate them. The "Midnight" Duo-Tint Chain Bracelet comes with blackout clasp and round branding pendant. It's a beautiful chain bracelets you won't want to miss.

"Midnight" collection is now available online! Don't sleep on them though it's Midnight.

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