22 - “The Famed Unknown” Rolling Tongue Tee

“The Famed Unknown” Rolling Tongue Tee features the main design element of a tongue-out gesture with protruding teeth of The Famed Unknown character. It comes with an angry or annoyed sign mainly used in Manga or Cartoon. The rationale of the design symbolises defiance or more specifically cheeky rebellion. The design is heavily inspired by 'The Rolling Stones' lip and tongue logo created by John Pasche.

The main tongue-out design is printed on the front of the tee. The back design is done to pay homage to"The Rolling Stones". The title - The Rolling Famed is designed with its signature typo, and it's followed by the tongue-out graphic's rationale at the bottom and concludes with our brand logo.

The Rolling tongue Tee is constructed with the most popular signature pre-shrunk interlock cotton, a heavy blend yet super comfortable. It comes in Black, White, and Lime Green Color choices.

Grab them online now. Unlock your cheeky rebellion!

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