D0 "Essential" - Basic T-shirt, Piped Oversized T-shirt & Double Pendant Necklace

Coming from our most minimalistic collection in our repertoire with only the essential designs. Bringing to you Three Items “Essential” Basic T-shirt, "Essential" Piped Oversized Double Strap T-shirt and "Essential" Double Pendant Necklace, to bring the cleanest look for minimal lovers.

Available in black and white, the T-shirt's front features our signature "i" branding with mixture of filled and outline elements , while the back displays the words "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".
With our signature strap, "Essential Piped Oversized Double Strap T-shirt is also available in both black and white, With minimal piping details at the front, clean branding on the back. A perfect piece to represent the Essential Collection. Both of the T-shirt is made of our usual 100% interlock cotton, granting maximum quality and comfort.

If you're a fan of accessories, look no further. The "Essential" Double Pendant Necklace is another perfect addition to your collection. This necklace features a round pendant as the main and a rectangular one as the secondary pendant.

The main round pendant is black embossed with our brand values "A Far Out Experiment, For Thinkers" with raw embossed logo at the back. The secondary pendant has the phrase "Thinker dies but thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction." complemented with our embossed logotype at the back. These words can be carried along with you everywhere you go to encourage you to be more daring with your thoughts, and one day leave behind your own legacy.

All of the Essentials Items is available now at our online store. Get in now before it runs out! 

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