D2- Brand New "Essential" Necklaces To Complete 2020

Coming near to the end of 2020, we are delighted to add three more new necklace designs into our Essential collection - "Essential" Double Pendants Necklace 2.0"Essential" Multi Chains Necklace"Essential" Quabrid Necklace.
Coming from one of the most popular necklace and with similarities to its predecessor, "Essential" Double Pendants Necklace 2.0  again features a round pendant as the main and a rectangular one as the secondary pendant. however, the biggest upgrade is the brand new round pendant design, which had our graphic logo carved out on the pendant, minimal yet visually appealing. 
The"Essential" Multi Chains Necklace  features a unique layering with 2 different kind of chains - 6mm cuban chain & 3mm link chain, paired with our latest round pendant design. The layering provide an unique look for the accessories.
"Essential" Quabrid Necklace features 4 kind of difference chains - 7mm cuban chain, 7mm rolo chain, 10mm link chain & 14mm link chain. Attached with our usual rectangular pendant to create a minimal look on a slightly louder necklace.

All made from the highest quality 316L Titanium stainless steel, all accessories are sweat proof and stain proof. 

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