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Article: D2 "Essential" Aegis Reflective Fabric Mask & "Essential Mask Filter

D2  "Essential" Aegis Reflective Fabric Mask & "Essential Mask Filter

D2 "Essential" Aegis Reflective Fabric Mask & "Essential Mask Filter

In concurrence with the current situation of worldwide pandemic, for your health and the health of your family and friends, we have come out with another design for reusable fabric mask that is functional, comfortable, and yet stylish enough to be worn everyday.

Differing from the previous design, "Essential" Aegis Reflective Fabric Mask comes with a reflective branding label, compliments with accessories chain at the end of the strap for a more stylish look. We did offer options to customers in case that they like it without the accessories chain. 

The mask comes with three layers, a layer of microfibre, a layer of interlock cotton, and a layer of anion fabric with option to insert mask filter or normal face mask for further protection. The inner layer of the face mask is made from anion fabric, which has advantages of high air-filtering degree, effective air-purifying, bacteriostasis, disinfection and virus-propagating prevention. Therefore, it's still good for use even after we claim victorious against the pandemic

The mask strap is adjustable and it's equipped with stoppers, catering for a larger range of sizes. The reflective label perfectly sums up the stylish black mask.

For customers who couldn't get mask filter anywhere, we did listed the "Essential Mask Filter online. It's pack in 10pcs and it comes with 5 layers, an outer layer with a non-woven fabric, first inner layer 1 with an efficient filter fabric, second inner layer with activated carbon filter, an third inner layer with efficient filter fabric, and finally an outer layer with non-woven fabric for protection.  

Visit online store now to get "Essential" Aegis Reflective Fabric Mask and "Essential Mask Filter 10pcs for your love ones. Stay healthy and safe. Health is wealth. Cheers.

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