Snap,Share and Win! #drmisterfeat CNY Edition

Everyone takes and posts dozens of pictures on Instagram during the CNY period. If you happen to be rocking one of our outfits in one of the pictures, why not just add the hashtag #drmisterfeat to your picture to enter this contest?

Winners will stand a chance to get RM1200 worth of prizes!


What to do:

1. Starting from 23/1/2019, post a picture of yourself wearing any one of our products on Instagram

2. Add the hashtag #drmisterfeat to your caption and tag @dr_mister_official



1. Our team will like and comment on your pictures to confirm the entry. Pictures might be reposted to our Instagram official page.

2. All entries are valid until 2/2/2020 11:59 p.m., and on 3/2/2020, 8 best pictures will be chosen by the team. 

3. All 8 will win prizes from our collection.

4. Our team's decision is final. 

*Dr Mister reserves the right to modify the rules at any time.


How to vote:

1. We will post the 8 winners on our Instagram page.

2. The winner will be chosen based on the number of likes.

3. You may vote for more than one picture.

Voting Begins: 7:00pm 3/2/2020

Voting Ends: 11:59pm 5/2/2020



First Prize Winner: RM150 worth of vouchers + 1 x golden Sleeping Angel Pendant Necklace.

Second Prize Winner: RM50 worth of vouchers + 1 x silver Sleeping Angel Pendant Necklace.

6 x Consolation Prize Winners: 1 x Essential double pendant necklace each.


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