Exclusive Debut! "The Famed Unknown" Collection Drop at SneakerLAH 2022

Made for Sneaker heads, “The Famed Unknown” Special Edition is set to debut at SneakerLAH 2022!

⭐️ The special drop consists of Sneaker-related tee designs:

“The Famed Unknown” Father of Sneaker Tee has graphics inspired heavily by the movie "The Godfather". "The Famed Unknown" character hugging a shoe box with a cigar in hand. The movie quote is tweaked to fit the sneaker-related theme.

Whereas "The Famed Unknown" Sneaker Supper Tee is inspired by the painting "The Last Supper". The graphic shows "The Famed Unknown" character having a high table dinner with sneakers on a plate.

Both illustrations are processed with our signature detailing and complemented with our black pre-shrunk interlock cotton.

⭐️ In conjunction with the launching for the Tees, there will also be a debut for "The Famed Unknown" Sneaker Tote Bag, "Essential" Branding Sock, and Special Edition Interactive AR animation cards for the series.

⭐️ Exclusive 6 items bundle set (worth up to RM405) available only at the event.
The bundle set consists of:
✅1 x "The Famed Unknown" Father of Sneakers Tee
✅1 x "The Famed Unknown" Sneaker Supper Tee
✅1 x "The Famed Unknown" Sneaker Totebag
✅1 x "The Famed Unknown" Interactive AR Card Set
✅1 x "Essential" Branding Sock
✅1 x "The Famed Unknown" Pocket Sanitizers

⭐️ What's really exciting is that there will be a unique interactive AR animation experience to bring graphics to life, from the tees, canvas, and the AR cards. An experience that can live beyond the event.

🎁 Limited Edition gifts will be given to customers who experience AR animation & tagged us on Instagram. Limited pcs, while stock last. First comes, first served.

Visit us on 3rd & 4th September 2022 (Sat & Sun) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MYEC KL) at Hall 1

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Shooting Venue Sponsored by: @dland_snkr



Kee weng jian August 26, 2022


Kee weng jian August 26, 2022

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