F21 "Essential" Collection (Glitch)

We are really happy to announce that we can finally bring to you the brand new Glitch Collection, which suppose to be launched last month. (Delayed due to Covid-19 Situation in Malaysia).

It's a collection that has special design optically, adding spices into our usual essential line. Inspired from cyberpunk vibes, we launched four brand new items for "Essential" Collection, the "Glitch" Round Logo T-shirt and "Glitch" Signature T-shirt, each come with choices of black or white.

The "Glitch" Round Logo T-shirt is designed in usual regular cutting. The print design is an oversized round logo at the back overlapping in three colours to create a glitchy optical illusion, complimented with a minimal branding print at the front.

The "Glitch" Signature T-shirt features the signature logo, which has been around since the brand's second collection called "Signature Basic" . Similar to the Round Logo T-shirt, it's also printed in three colours in glitchy design. It's a really fun T-shirt that can have different optical feel when looking up close and from a distance.

Both of the "Glitch" Round Logo and Signature T-shirt comes in Black and white. Check them out at online store now!


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Hi, can I just enquire on what sizes are the female models wearing?

Leshia November 08, 2021

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