J0 - “Essential” MFT T-shirt / "Essential" Embroidered Branding Bag Strap

Coming from our most minimalistic collection in our repertoire with only the essential designs. Introducing both “Essential” MFT T-shirt and "Essential" Embroidered Branding Bag Strap, to bring the cleanest look for minimal lovers.

This newly released “Essential” MFT T-shirt is made from comfortable cotton fabric, printed with minimal branding at the front right, paired with simple graphic explaining the terms 'Made for Thinkers" at bottom right at the back.

As for "Essential" Embroidered Branding Bag Strap is made from high quality nylon strap embroidered with Dr Mister Branding and Zinc alloy hook accessories with gun metal finish. The Strap is Adjustable from 65cm to 130cm.

Both are now available at our online store“Essential” MFT T-shirt has two colour choices of black and white.


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