J2 "Good Time At Ease" Sleeping Angel Pendant Necklace

"Forgive me if i sleep until i wake up. Be yourself once again while i am asleep. Let loose, free your mind, have a good time."
"Good Time At Ease" Sleeping Angel Pendant Necklace was created using the same concept as one of our best selling T-shirts, which explores the good time someone would have when their angel in them falls asleep. 
This necklace is made of 316L titanium stainless steel. The front of it is glossy while the back has a satin finish. An angel is welded on the front.
"Good Time At Ease" collection will explore more on relaxed vibes, with inspiration coming from the modern world, with more and more people encountering anxiety issues. The collection is a special tribute for all those people, and they are definitely not alone. 
The Sleeping Angel Pendant Necklace is now available in our online store in gold and silver.

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