S21 "Essential" Drop for April

Back in basic! Inspired from some of the classic popular graphic from our older collection, we come out with two brand new designs for April "Essential" Collection, the "Essential" Dropped Oversized T-shirt and "Essential" Signature Oversized T-shirt.

The "Essential" Dropped Oversized T-shirt is designed in dropped shoulder cutting, which is similar to the "Essential" DS Scallop T-shirt. The only difference is that this time there isn't scallop cut finishing. The print design is the same as "Essential Cozy Sweatshirt, just that this time, with a dropped shoulder short sleeve.

"Essential" Signature Oversized T-shirt will be one of the most exciting design for many OGs. The signature logo has been around since the brand's second collection called "Signature Basic" , and its latest cameo appearance is with the popular "Moonlight" Scallop Hoodie. So the signature logo is readapted into Oversized T-shirt.

Both of the "Essential" Pieces comes with Black. Check them out at online store now!

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