S21 - "Essential" Floating Thinker T-shirt

"A far-out experiment, made by thinkers, for thinkers"

As a streetwear brand, the most important thing is to elevate the confidence of our audiences by enhancing their outer aesthetics using our products. Not only that, there is also another aspect that we focused on, which is the inner aesthetic or wisdom. A streetwear brand made for thinkers, is what we really want as mention time over time from our brand tagline.

"Essential" Floating Thinker T-shirt is the best representation of the idea.
The main design element has a reading man wearing sneaker sitting on our floating graphic logo. Wisdom is symbolised by the action reading, and the sneaker symbolise the outer aesthetics. We hope to influence more people to be aware of both their outer and inner aesthetics through the collection.

"Essential" Floating Thinker T-shirt comes in two colours, Black & White, constructed with our signature pre-shrunk 100% interlock cotton, comes with utmost comfort.

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