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Article: Refined Elegance: June's Must-Have "Essential" Collection Drop

Refined Elegance: June's Must-Have "Essential" Collection Drop

Refined Elegance: June's Must-Have "Essential" Collection Drop

Our "Essential" collection is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's famous quote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." With this philosophy in mind, we have crafted items that embody both minimalism and intricate details, perfect for those who appreciate refined elegance.

The June Drop features 3 brand new Necklaces, 2 restocked track shorts and a signature rug from “Tyge” Collection: 

  • Layered Kite Necklace
  • Pebbles Hybrid Necklace
  • Quad Rhombus Necklace
  • Brand Motif Track Shorts - Black & Wolf Grey
  • Signature Rug

The "Essential" Layered Kite Necklace in silver features layered 5mm rolo and 2mm link chains with the brand new diamond-shaped pendant.


The "Essential" Pebbles Hybrid Necklace combines textured clear crystal and steel pebbles with a blackout round pendant on a 48cm chain.


The "Essential" Quad Rhombus Necklace showcases a 6mm rolo chain divided into four sections, each with the brand new diamond-shaped pendant.

All necklaces are crafted from durable, hypoallergenic 316L titanium stainless steel, adding sophistication to any outfit.




The restocked track shorts are made from superior cotton twill fabric and comes in choices of black and wolf grey, with a knee-length fit, embossed brand motif, multiple pockets, and an adjustable drawstring cord.

The Rug with Signature Tyge Graphic is crafted from durable loop fleece with an anti-slip base, measuring 74cm x 70cm, adding sophistication to any home area.

Discover these timeless pieces, experience the refined elegance that only simplicity can bring.


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