22 - "Good Fortune" 2022 Limited Edition Ang Pow Pack - A Gift With Every Purchase

In conjunction with the launch of the "Good Fortune" Daruma T-shirt, it's the time of the year that we announce our 2022 limited edition Ang Pow Pack.

The "Good Fortune" 2022 Limited Edition Ang Pow Pack consists of 4pcs of Ang Pows, featuring blue eyes "The Famed Unknown" character stuffed in a daruma doll. Just like the previous version, 180GSM Coated Paper is used to ensure quality.It's digitally printed compliments with detailed UV finishes, it can definitely be served as a collectible.

The Ang Pow comes in Pink and Red and has 2 pieces each in the pack. The back design of the Ang Pow has fun words like "内有巨款“ which means "Large Sum Inside" for the Red Ang Pow and "尽情挥霍” which means "Splash Your Cash" for the pink Ang Pow.

It's a gift with purchase for every order. However, if you wish to collect more of them, we do offer option for you to get them online.

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