F21 - "Children See Magic" Balloon Oversized T-shirt


After the successful launch of the "Children See Magic" Collection, we come out with a piece specially for oversized lovers. We are excited to introduce the "Children See Magic" Balloon Oversized T-shirt.

"Children See Magic" Balloon Oversized T-shirt has the same balloon dog as the regular fit, but it comes with a much louder design. Not only it's an oversized fit, but It's also printed with an oversized balloon dog at the back overlapped with an oversized graphic logo. The collection phrase is printed at the front minimally in a line, giving a brand new look for the collection's oversized pieces. The oversized T-shirt comes in the choices of black or white.

"Children See Magic" collection is one of our brand's early collections, and also one of the most popular collections among our community. With the strong collection rationale, we are able to bring it back with a brand new design occasionally.

The collection is to encourage people to add a fragment of imagination to their thoughts, just like when you were a kid. After doing this, you might find that you can find more joy in life.

"Children See Magic" Balloon Oversized T-shirt is now available online.


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Tan Meng Poh January 29, 2022

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