F21 - "Children See Magic" Collection is Back with a Bang!

Your favourite collection is back in a brand new form! The Popular "Children See Magic" Collection that you have been asking for is now back with brand new designs. Bringing to you two "Children See Magic" Balloon Dog T-shirts, with additional two Special Editions, as well as a "Children See Magic" Balloon Tote Bag.

"Children See Magic" Balloon Dog T-shirt has a unique multi-coloured graphic of a Balloon dog at the front scribbled with a dragon-like creature breathing fire. The revamped collection phrase is printed at the back of the t-shirt, giving a fresh look for the new piece. It comes in the choices of black and white.

The Special Editions feature unique color palettes for both black and white versions. On the black special edition, the balloon dog is designed in grey monochrome, complemented with light blue scribbles, a low key masterpiece.  As for the white special edition, the balloon dog is designed using a mixture of warm and cold colors, cyan and fluorescent orange, overlapped with a bright yellow scribble, a vibrant masterpiece.

The two unconventional pieces is made for thinkers who want to feel special. All T-shirts are made using our favourite fabric, 100% interlock cotton, which gives you the perfect mix of quality and comfort.

For the "Children See Magic" Balloon Tote Bag has a similar design from the collection but the balloon dog is finished with unique pixel detailing. It's digitally printed on a premium 12-oz canvas with a black carrying strap.

"Children See Magic" collection is one of our brand's early collections, and also one of the most popular collections among our community. With the strong collection rationale, we are able to bring it back with a brand new design occasionally.

The collection is to encourage people to add a fragment of imagination to their thoughts, just like when you were a kid. After doing this, you might find that you can find more joy in life.

"Children See Magic" Balloon Dog T-shirts is now opened up for early access till 11th November 2021. Every pre-order will be given a FREE "Children See Magic" Balloon Tote Bag.

Grab them now for the best deal!

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