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Article: The Social Lookbook EP55 - @heyjonelleee

The Social Lookbook EP55 - @heyjonelleee

The Social Lookbook EP55 - @heyjonelleee

Jonelle caught our eyes with her photos which have a great composition. She perfectly brings out the story behind Mischief collections* which is making the entire photos look awesome. Great Job Jonelle, and thank you for sharing with us your photos! 

*Mischief Collections is made for the rebels who are looking for ways to express themselves more creatively, or just simply looking for some fun.


  • How did you learn about Dr Mister?

I've been following Dr Mister on Instagram for quite some time now. I can't really recall how I started following you guys, but I started buying your apparels with my boyfriend during your recent buy2free1 promotion ~

  • Which is your favourite Dr Mister collection?

All of your collections are lit~ My favourite design would be "children see magic" & "good time at ease", but sadly the following one doesn't have my size in stock anymore...

  • What do you like about Dr Mister?

Well~ one thing for sure, the quality of your t-shirts is great and comfy to wear! Your online service is amazing also, as I got to replace my shirt due to sizing differences. Oh yeah~ I just cop one of your bracelets to add into my Dr Mister collection too😝

How to get featured on The Social Lookbook by Dr Mister?
Get a chance to be featured in our journal and social media by following the few steps below:
  1. Take a picture of you rocking any of our products (T-shirt, bags, caps etc.)
  2. Tag us@dr_mister_officialon Instagram  
  3. Hashtag #drmisterfeat to be noticed by us.


If your picture is up to standard, we will contact you for your picture and feature you right here in our journal! 
Get a FREE gift from us once you get featured three times on The Social Lookbook! 🤩

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