D2 - "Essential" Collection October Drop!

We are excited to Introduce five brand new items for "Essential" Collection in October! Inspired heavily from Leonardo Da Vinci 's quotes "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". The collection features minimal yet classy design for daily essentials.

The most anticipated item are no lesser than the "Essential" Cosy Dropped Sweatshirt! Quietly appeared while we launched the collaboration shorts, the sweatshirt comes in three colours, Black, Cream and Melange Grey. One of the most comfortable items we ever had, the cotton polyester sweatshirt features a dropped shoulder cut, complements with the popular oversized logotype at the back and minimal brand tagline at the front. A simple yet cosy piece of design.
To add varieties onto the collection, two brand new chain bracelets is introduced. After receiving feedback from fellow thinkers requesting for thicker bracelet prior to the previous 5mm bracelet. We come out with "Essential" Twist Chain Bracelet 8mm and "Essential" Glitz Chain Bracelet 11mm.
"Essential" Twist Chain Bracelet 8mm is crafted with twisted complex chains, whereas "Essential" Glitz Chain Bracelet 11mm comes with grill texture chains with shiny and slightly louder look. Both made from 316L titanium steel bracelets and are plated with silver finishing and are equipped with the usual rectangle branding pendant.
Check them out online now !

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