Rock n’ Roll – The Inspirations

Contrary to what most people think, Rock is not just loud noises and drums banging around in the background. As portrayed in the recent film release ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Rock is much more than that. Rock is a genre that is usually accompanied by electric guitars, bass, and drums. It evolved from country music and blues and started to get famous because of its’ aggressive style which attracted many fans to this genre of music. From complicated love stories to near death experiences involving surgery, Rock covers it all.

The reason why Rock is being introduced is because we feel that Rock is closely related to our brand as many of our earlier inspirations stem from this genre and would like to share it with everyone. One of our earlier projects, known as the ‘Punk Project’ is a good example of how Classic Rock influenced us, although we started to be influenced by other streetwear brands soon after. To commemorate our journey since our founding, we have linked a few songs for you to get to know us better. Henceforth, we will begin to slowly introduce several pieces of music that can be a gateway to the genre known as Rock. 

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